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How often should you tune a guitar featured image.

How Often Should You Tune Your Guitar?

Wondering how often to tune your guitar? This post explores exactly this and brings you some tips to keep it sounding great. One of the key factors to playing beautiful music is having a guitar that is properly tuned. If you are just starting out playing this instrument, you are probably curious about how often […]

Tips for buying a guitar on a budget

Tips for Buying a Guitar on a Budget

Looking to find a great guitar on a budget? This post brings you some tips on how to do exactly that. If you are passionate about learning the guitar but afraid of the price tags, take comfort in the following article. It is full of tips for buying a guitar if you are working on […]

Best blues guitar featured image.

The Best Blues Guitars

Finding the best blues guitar can be tough. This post reviews some of the best options available on the market to date. Finding the best blues guitar isn’t as simple as picking up the first guitar that looks nice and meets your budget. You’ve got to make a variety of considerations we touch on later […]


What is a guitar capo featured image.

What is a Guitar Capo?

Regardless of your guitar expertise or playing level you can agree on one thing. Guitars have some excellent accessories. One of which is the guitar capo. A guitar capo is a small object that clamps around the neck of a guitar. This helps shorten the length of a guitars strings giving it a higher pitch. […]

best wireless guitar system featured image

The Best Wireless Guitar System

Tired of feeling held back by cord length and tangles? You’re in the right place! If you don’t know what a wireless system for your guitar is, it’s a way to give you a bit of extra freedom on stage or even during casual use. You essentially ditch the cords which are replaced with a […]

featured image for the best guitar volume pedals article. A picture of a guitar volume pedal.

The Best Guitar Volume Pedals

Guitar volume pedals are a great tool for making hands free volume adjustments without having to stop playing. In this post, we’ll be reviewing some top quality models and giving you the DL on what to look for in a great guitar volume pedal. Below we’ve listed 5 of the best guitar volume pedals which […]

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Fender American Special Stratocaster Review

For a long time when it comes to electric guitars, the Fender American Special Stratocaster is one of the models that really sets the bar. Considering the overall quality of the guitar, it’s very budget conscious. This allowed it to creep into our list of the best electric guitars under $1000 and rightly so! Let’s […]

Image of a metal guitar.

The Best Guitars for Metal

If you’ve found your way here, we gather you’re looking for a new axe to help you get that aggressive and heavily distorted sound associated with some of the metal greats of our time. We’re pleased to say you’re in the right place. In this article we’ll be exploring some of the best guitars for […]

best 7 string guitar

The Best 7 String Guitars

As you may have guessed by the name, seven string guitars come with an additional string to the conventional six string. Yet these guitars are so much more than just an extra string. They offer benefits sound wise. With an extra string helping to extend the treble and the bass range of the guitar. In […]

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