About Us


Here at Guitarsguy we have the aspiration of becoming the number 1 resource for guitarists online.

Our site revolves around three G’s that we fully believe can help make any aspiring guitarist a better all-round musician:

GEAR – We spend a ton of time researching and reviewing the latest equipment with a level headed and impartial approach to product recommendations. We produce a variety of product round-ups and reviews to help our readers find the right “tool” for their trade.

GUIDES –  We offer free guidance and tips for learning, maintaining and playing guitar. With the goal of building our guitar knowledge base you can be sure the best is still yet to come, watch this space!

GURUS – Although we don’t consider ourselves the next Slash, the content created on the website is backed with years of experience and plenty of research. We spend plenty of time reaching out to experts within the industry to find out about the latest and greatest when it comes to guitars.

Product Recommendations

We always recommend products we truly believe in and hold an impartial standpoint when it comes the products we are vouching for. With that said, we aim to be as transparent with readers as possible. You might have noticed our affiliate disclosure, and want to make it clear that we may earn a small commission on products you purchase after clicking on one of our special links.


Whether you have any queries or feedback we always love hearing from readers! Get in touch via email at guitarsguy@mail.com and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.