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Guitarsguy is a website dedicated to listing great guitar-related gear for people who want to save themselves time and effort. You’ll find a variety of information on our website, ranging from how to guides to product reviews. We stay impartial when it comes to product recommendations and never recommend anything we don’t truly believe in. The product recommendations are made through vigorous research, and the products are explored by authors with years of experience in the guitar industry.

It’s important we make it clear that we do earn affiliate commissions. This does not make us biased in fact, should readers purchase a product through one of the product links on our website, then return the product we make no commission. This makes recommending poor quality products not only against our values but counter-intuitive for our earnings. We only participate in affiliate programs run by reputable merchants and are a great way for us to direct our readers to the products we list as well as help contribute to the websites running costs.

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