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The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

Best acoustic guitars under 1000 dollars featured

Finding the best acoustic guitar under 1000 dollars can be tough. That said you can get your hands on great quality guitar within this budget. We’ve dedicated an article to helping you track down your perfect guitar within the thousand dollar budget.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

In this next section, we’ve rounded-up a few of our favorite acoustic guitars available for under 1000 dollars. Hopefully this saves you some time and effort, as well as showing you some good examples of guitars within this price range.

Below we’ve listed the 5 best acoustic guitars available for under $1000.

Taylor 114ce 100 Series

Here you have a Grand Auditorium style guitar that has a Sapele Laminate on its back and sides. The top is made of Sitka Spruce, and the neck is made of Sapele. For the price, you can produce a wide range of tonal possibilities. The price also gets you a very attractive guitar for making high-quality music. You will also find an Ebony bridge system that gives you great intonation and stability.

This guitar comes with an ES-T internal pickup system. Guitarists love this system because it fully controls each string, as well as the corresponding components. This means you have full control over your guitar.

When you buy this instrument, you get a padded gig bag for carrying around. That, combined with the fact that this is a genuine Taylor guitar for under a grand, make this a great buy. It is hard to find anyone with anything bad to say about this instrument.

Fender Paramount PM-3

This beautiful guitar from Fender is part of their Paramount series. The headstock, in particular, captures the classic flavor of Fender guitars. They have used many of the design aspects that have made them famous since the 1960s. Despite its traditional appearance, it has modern touches to make it a joy to play.

The top of the body is made of grade-A Sitka Spruce. On the sides and back, are made of Rosewood. There is a set neck with 20 frets. These woods make a tone that is both powerful and well balanced.

With its great case specifically designed for the Paramount series of Fender guitars, you can transport your instrument in both safety and style. The preamp used in this guitar is great because it has a tuner and frequency controls. They are specifically shaped for each and every shape in the Paramount series to make sure you get the best tone possible.

Yamaha A-Series A3M

Here you have a solid Sitka Spruce top with beautiful scalloped bracing. This bracing allows for louder, more powerful sound to come out of your guitar. The neck is made of Mahogany, which makes it both beautiful and easy to play. To add to your comfort, the neck has a slim-taper design. This has a dreadnaught cutaway body. The back and sides are solid. In order to give you a nice, lively tone, the strings are NANOWEB 80/20 Bronze Light.

This A-Series of guitars from Yamaha has a new way of delivering even more powerful acoustic sound. The low-mid ranges are both stronger and louder thanks to this new design. It is the new scalloped bracing that was developed by the Yamaha R & D team that sets the acoustic sound out of this guitar apart from the pack. The tops of these guitars are treated with an Acoustic Resonance Enhancement to give it a vintage sound.

Ovation Standard Elite 2778 AX

This utterly gorgeous guitar has a deep contour body. This is great for maximizing your acoustic output. The top is made of Solid Spruce. For the bridge and fretboard, you see beautiful Rosewood. There are beautiful pearl dot/diamond inlays in the fretboard. You have scalloped X-bracing as well as chrome tuning machines.

With this guitar, you can play beautiful, smooth music. The music is vivid and you can play any style on this instrument well. The OP-Pro preamp has a lot of great features to love for any skill level of guitarist. Some highlights include the battery life indicator,preset tone enhancement circuit, and the 3-band EQ.

To really let your strings vibrate, there is a multi-hole design with this guitar. The cutaway makes it easy to access the entire fretboard. Overall, this is a very attractive guitar that is good enough for the professionals and easy enough for the beginners.

Seagull Maritime SWS SG

SWS stands for Solid Wood Series, and that is what you are getting with this guitar. Every guitar in this series has a few additional letters in its name. For this guitar under $1000, the SG stands for Semi-Gloss. Like most of the guitars in this series, this guitar is made of solid Mahogany on the back and sides. On top, you will find a pressure-tested Spruce. This is a great material for acoustic sound.

This guitar is a full dreadnaught. It has the rounded shoulders that have become signature to the Seagull brand of guitars. Since it has a Semi-Gloss finish, the sound is a little less bright and crisp than the high gloss. This sound is preferred by some. The finish on this guitar is very beautiful. You will not find any laminate on this guitar that is very affordable. It is all real wood that produces a beautiful sound.

Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 Buyers Guide

Best acoustic guitars under 1000 dollars buyers guide


Buying an acoustic guitar can be a little overwhelming if you’re not sure what you looking for. In this section we’ve decided to break down exactly what it takes to make a top class acoustic guitar.

You don’t want to take a trial and error approach for buying a guitar. The best acoustic guitars cost into the thousands of dollars. Buying a few before finding your perfect guitar would hurt your wallet pretty badly. So we hope this article helps you get it right first time!

Benefits Of Acoustic Guitars

So why buy an acoustic guitar when you could be rocking out like the mid-eighties on your righteous axe of thunder? Well, there are actually quite afew reasons one may choose acoustic over electric. However, if you are in the market for an electric guitar, some of the tips for-eyeing and buying may still apply to you.


Sound is a huge deal when it comes to acoustic guitars. One of the many benefits of acoustic instruments is that you don’t need to wake the neighbors every time you play. Is it going to be loud? Of course, you’re probably not playing in a sound proof room. At the same time, you don’t have to crank it up to eleven whenever you get the urge to see how you actually sound playing. Or even be able topractice without waking everyone in your house up.


Another great benefit to acoustic guitars is the amount of set up and equipment you need in order to play. Carrying or transporting your electric guitars can be cumbersome. Even with the smallest amplifier and no extra equipment this is still the case. With an acoustic guitar, all you need is the guitar. No tripping over chords and pedal hookups. Just you, the guitar, and a couple of picks if you choose.


You might want to play music that appeals to small groups or sometimes even children. Unless of course you’re playing at a concert, or in the garage with your buddies. Acoustic songs are amazing for parties and get-togethers. They allow you to start and stop playing without any need to set-up.

Considerations For Buying An Acoustic Guitar

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of acoustic guitars, let’s get in to how to choose the best guitar for you.


It may sound silly or unimportant, but the size, shape, and weight of your guitar can make a world of difference. Especially when it comes to comfort. If your putting this much time, energy and money into this, you really want something you can play for hours on end. So while you window shop, try on a couple models with a strap and see what feels nice.

If it feels too heavy, or your arms don’t sit right against a portion, adjust the strap and try again. If it still feels off, then you may want to check another model.

Type Of Wood & Shape

The type of wood and general shape of the acoustic will also determine how it sounds. So while a guitar may have the same shape as another, if they are made of different material, you may get a whole new sound. This again is why it is paramount to test and verify what sounds good to you.

Strings: Strings can be tricky when you’re starting out. So on top of buying a couple extras for the inevitability of them snapping. You’ll also want to know what kind of string your new guitar has. Nylon and steel strings are the most common strings you will see. Steel tends to be the favorite for brighter tones and vibrant louder strums and chords. While nylon strings produce richer, more hollow or mellow sounds. It’s important to know the difference as it will influence what you play as well.

There are plenty of choices and variables when it comes to these three things. Choosing the correct guitar could take some time. It’s often wise to read reviews online and hear other peoples experiences. If you have any friends who play you can also ask for their input with the buying decision.

What Makes The Best Acoustic Guitar?

So now we have plenty of variables to choose from. So let’s start cutting down some of those choices. Next we’ll discuss what actually makes a good acoustic guitar, why, and how to spot what you need.


Price is a huge factor when it comes to buying anything and it all comes down to what you want. Certain brands tend to run higher than others. Generally speaking you tend to get what you pay for, and there’s a reason some of the big brands stand out. Generally speaking you can get a good beginners guitar for a few hundred dollars. The top quality professional standard guitars in this post run into the thousands.


The wood or material your acoustic is made makes a big difference when it comes to sound variety. We will go over the main two body types, and a couple of tops materials. Laminate wood and solid wood are the two body types we will talk about. Laminate wood generally does not age or mature the same way solid wood does.

This means that it will keep the same sound forever. It may not grow with you, but what you have is what you will continue to have sound-wise. While solid wood tend to produce a more resonant sound, with richer melodies and chords that hum throughout the whole instrument.

[quote-box]Solid wood does tend to age and change sounds as it gets older. Most musicians believe this gives the piece character and that it molds and changes with the player.[/quote-box]

There are hybrid solid-laminate guitars as well. They often feature wood tops with laminate bodies or laminate backs and siding.

Afew of the tops materials include:

Because there is such a high range of items on the list to choose from, it really falls person to person to determine what the “best” materials are. It really depends on what you think sounds good, so testing the instrument is always a good bet.


Knowing which manufacturer your guitar is from can make a huge boon when it comes to picking them out. If you already know that a manufacturer is good, you can trust the products that come from it. Asking around to friends and clerks can help in this way as well. You don’t want to pay the price of buying a cheap guitar, only to have it fall apart on you a year later. Guitars are an investment, and it’s never fun to gamble with investments.

Make sure to do your research before you buy, reading reviews online and asking questions can only help you out.

Be Cautious When Buying Your Guitar

One of the main things you should avoid when looking for a guitar is getting quality for your money. If you’re looking for a professional standard guitar it’s going to cost you big bucks.

Don’t spend large amounts on brands you haven’t heard of. If it’s not a reputable brand and holds a high price tag you may want to avoid it. If the brands big enough you’re likely to have heard of it by now. If it’s not a huge brand, do your research on it.

Just because a company has a good marketing campaign, doesn’t mean it gives them the clout industry leading guitar brands have. Don’t get fooled by this and make sure that if you’re uncertain of a big money brand and its reviews definitely steer clear.

Acoustic Guitars Under $1000: Final Thoughts

All in all, there are many things to consider when buying a guitar. First time buyers have a lot more to think about since everything is so new. Even experienced guitar players and collectors have to use the same rules when looking to buy. You don’t have to be an expert to want to buy a guitar, but it never hurts to have a little knowledge of what you are looking for.

The biggest piece is not to let it overwhelm you, and not to rush to decisions. Each guitar is different, like each person who would play it. There is no one size fits all attitude, it’s about preference and personalization. Take your time with a new guitar like you would a car. Make sure it is comfortable, it sounds nice, and there are no obvious flaws that would ruin it the moment you leave the store.

Hopefully this guide has given you a better idea of what you will need to look for in your guitar. The actual process can be a bit grueling, but the payoff is much better than snapping up the first acoustic you see in a store window.