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The Best Classical Guitars

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Finding a great classical guitar can be tough. This post reviews 6 excellent classical guitars and brings you a buyers guide.

In this section we review some of the top classical guitars on the market to date. This section gives you a few examples of great quality classical guitars. This will allow you to familiarise yourself not only with the models but also the manufacturers. If you’re looking for some tips for buying a classical guitar check out our buyers guide section later on in the post.

Below we’ve listed the 5 best classical guitars which you’ll be sure to love.

1. Kremona Solea

First up on the list we’ve got the Kremona Solea. This is a premium quality guitar that anyone would be grateful to get their hands on. It’s made with a fine exotic wood that goes by the name of cocobolo. The craftsmanship that’s gone into the production of this guitar is really quite outstanding.

Not only is this a great looking guitar, but the sound is really impressive too. It’s got a fantastic level of volume with a very crisp and clear sound to it.

We’re really impressed with how good this guitar looks and sounds considering it’s price tag. We’ve seen people pay more than double the price for a guitar of this quality.

Overall this is an outstanding sounding guitar with a great look and feel.

2. Yamaha NTX1200R

Next on our list we’ve got the Yamaha NTX1200R. Yamaha are a big name when it comes to guitars, and they’re know for delivering top quality guitars. The rosewood and spruce design is just beautiful. Something that you’ll certainly love about this guitar is how remarkably playable it feels. It comes with a slim body and a plentiful cutaway. This really helps you glide to those higher frets that are more difficult to reach on other guitars.

As well as the way this guitar looks and plays you’re going to love the way this sounds. Yamaha are known for their ‘Acoustic Resonance Enhancement’. This involves the guitars wood being worked to help with guitar sound as if it’s been well broken in.

Thanks to the 2way pickup and preamp system the electronics of this guitar are one of the outstanding features. This is another worthy member of the ‘top classical guitars’ list and one that you’ll be sure to love.

3. Cordoba Fusion 14 Rose

If you’re a Cordoba fan you’ll love this next one. Next up on the list is the Cordoba Fusion 14 Rose classic guitar. This guitar has been made with a staggering level of craftsmanship.

It feels extremely well built, especially considering how affordable it is. It’s made from rose wood and is everything you could ask for in terms of aesthetic appeal.

This guitar doesn’t only look great but it sounds amazing. Something we love about this guitar when compared to cheaper options is the additional fret over the sound hole.

This helps with upper notes that other guitars can’t facilitate. Overall this guitar is a great, affordable option that will help you play outstanding classic songs.

4. La Patrie Guitar

Our next model on the list is the La Patrie classical guitar. This is another really great contender retailing at a very competitive price given its overall quality. It’s got a great wood grain, along with very very detailed rosette.

The overall quality of this guitar is emphasised with it’s beautiful rosewood saddle and mahogany neck and back. There’s a nice trim on this guitar around the headstock and the quality of the plastic tuners are great.

The sound of this guitar is brilliant and one that gives you real value for money. You get a very traditional sounding guitar with a beautiful aesthetic without having to break the bank.

This guitar is a very worth featured in this list and one that you’ll have fun for many years with.

5. Yamaha CGX122MSC

Next up on the list we’ve got the Yamaha CGX122MSC Classical. We’ve already featured one great Yamaha guitar in this post but we really couldn’t leave this one out. It seems Yamaha just have a real knack for making great classical guitars. Unlike the NTX1200R this guitar fits the budgets of those of you looking to spend no more than $500. This makes it a more affordable alternative.

Again, the overall aesthetic of this guitar really is beautiful. We can’t flaw the look of this guitar especially considering you’re spending so little for such a great looking guitar. This is another classic guitar that comes with a cutaway helping you reach those higher frets which is a bonus.

But look and playability aside the CGX122MSC is a guitar that delivers a quality and well balanced sound. Overall this is an excellent quality classical guitar that you can get for a very reasonable price.

Classical Guitar Buyers Guide

Classical guitar buyers guide


The clues in the name but the classical guitar dates back hundred of years ago. In this section of the post in which we’ll look to guide you through the classical guitar buying process. If it’s your first guitar, or even first classical guitar this section should teach you a few things to lookout for in a great classical guitar.

Nylon Strings

The classical guitars of today generally use nylon strings. These tend to give out a much more mellow sound than those associated with steel strings. They are designed to be picked with your fingers rather than with a guitar pick. This allows for more versatility when being played due to the fact you can manipulate the sound using different parts of your fingers such as the back of the nail.

It’s recommended that you avoid using a pick at all with these strings. This is due to the softer composition being easily worn out when strummed by a pick. For those of you that have tried finger picking on steel strings to be uncomfortable don’t worry. You will find it’s a lot easier with nylon strings as these are much easier on your fingers.

Starting Out on Classical Guitars

It’s quite common for people to start out on classical guitars. Lots of beginners don’t know the difference between a general steel stringed acoustic and a classic guitar. This leads to a classical guitar being the first guitar they ever buy. This certainly isn’t a bad thing and starting out on a classical guitar actually comes with a couple of benefits.

Easier to Learn Chords

Something a lot of people find and something I struggled with myself is chord positioning when using steel stringed guitars. This is due to the resistance created when steel strings are pushed against the fingerboard.

[quote-box]Nylon strings are much softer and for these reasons are actually a lot easier to press tightly against the frets.[/quote-box]

This makes it easier for beginners to lock down the basics of chords and is an obvious benefit.

Learn Fingerpicking

Again, this is down to the soft composition of nylon strings. Many people who try to learn how to finger pick on a steel stringed guitar find it incredibly uncomfortable which it often is even for non beginners. Being forced to fingerpick on a classical guitar means that you pick the art of fingerpicking up early during your playing days.

Classical Acoustic Electrics

Acoustic electric guitars are great options for those of you who want to play at loud volumes. It’s not uncommon to find acoustic electric classical guitars either. However, it is worth noting that you can’t expect your classical guitar to sound quite as authentic (in terms of the classical sound) when being played through an amplifier.


When you’re looking to get yourself a classic guitar you’ll want to make a variety of considerations. In this next section we’ve listed a few of the things you should consider when looking to buy a classical guitar.


As with most buying decisions you’ve got to consider your budget. If you’re looking for a top end classical guitar you’ll probably be looking at a model closer to $1000. Alternatively if you’re looking for a great quality classical guitar on a budget you’ll probably opt for something sub $500 like the Yamaha CGX122MSC.

Regardless of your budget it’s important you don’t overspend or underspend. Overspending has its own obvious drawbacks, underspending means you might end up with a pool quality guitar that you’ll quickly outgrow.

Do Your Homework

Long gone are the days of having to rely on physical stores and with online purchasing comes a wealth of reviews and consumer experience available. Using websites which show the customer reviews of the product is always helpful and will allow you to understand the pros and cons of the guitar before you make a purchase.


You’ll want to make sure you look for something that’s great in terms of quality. We don’t mean just crafted well but also something that offers great sound quality. This point ties in with doing your homework as you can find out a lot about a guitar these days without ever seeing it in the flesh. Make sure you don’t settle for something inadequate as you could quickly grow tired of your new purchase.

Manufacturer Warranty

Just like with any purchase you want to know that you’re covered for your hard earned money should anything go wrong with the guitar. Choosing something with a long manufacturer warranty is key to giving you peace of mind. Should anything go wrong with the guitar shortly after you’ve purchased it this will allow you to get it repaired free of charge or your money back.

Final Thoughts

Classical guitars are great for those of you wanting a great looking guitar with that distinctive deep rich sound. The fact that classical guitars come equipped with nylon strings can actually be pretty beneficial for beginners looking to pick the basics up quickly.

We’ve listed what we believe to be some of the best top quality classical guitars available. Regardless of the option you end up, good luck with your new guitar and may it bring you happiness for years to come.