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The Best Guitar Wall Hangers

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A great looking guitar deserves the best guitar wall hanger. That’s why we’ve written an article to help you find your perfect guitar wall mount. We’ve rounded up some of the highest reviewed and best quality hangers of this year so far. We’ve also written a guide to help you know what you’re looking for before buying one.

Below is a list of the 4 best guitar hangers available which you’ll be sure to love.

String Swing Guitar Hanger

Here you have a gorgeous wall mount that is worthy of displaying your beloved instrument. Coming in both black walnut and natural wood, there is a look for every home or studio. Due to the way it is made, the appearance of the natural wood can vary. The wood block is made out of real hardwood.

The yoke on this product will pivot to make sure it snugly holds onto your guitar’s neck. This makes it a good option if your guitar’s headstock has a single or uneven heel. No matter what, you can count on this wall mount to keep your guitar safe and in place.

This is a guaranteed for life product. Due to the lack of moving parts, you do not need to worry about this product wearing out and becoming less secure. With its quality construction, you can trust this wall hanger to hold heavier instruments, including basses. It may not be well-suited for smaller instruments, such as ukuleles.

Ohuhu Guitar Mount

This wall mount will work for your guitar, no matter how slim or wide. It is so adjustable, it can hold instruments like violins, ukuleles, basses, and more. The padding is soft enough that you know your guitar will not get damaged while being displayed with this hanger. This rubber padding also grips the neck well enough that your instrument will not wiggle around. It comes in a black or wood finish.

You can easily assemble this wall mount. The drywall anchors and mounting screws are included. These mounting anchors are heavy duty so you do not need to worry about your guitar crashing to the ground. All you need to bring to the table is a Phillips screwdriver and a wall! This is an appropriate option for beginners and pros alike and would look great in your home or studio. If you are looking for a way to display your instrument, this is a great option.

Top Stage Guitar Hanger (Two Pack)

If you are needing a very budget-friendly option to hang a guitar or two, this is a product worth checking out. It has real hardwood construction. You can hang nearly any kind of stringed instrument with these hangers, from ukuleles to mandolins. The padding on here was specifically designed to keep the wood of your instrument safe from scratches and scuffs.

Installing these wall hangers is quite simple. You get the mounting anchors as well as the screws. Just be sure to have a Phillips screwdriver handy. This product is 10 centimeters (4.1 inches) tall. Despite the very low price, most users have nothing but positive things to say about the construction and durability of this product. The only minor complaint was the plastic wall mounting anchors. This can be easily fixed, however, by purchasing new ones at a hardware store. If you have thick plaster walls, you can probably skip the anchors altogether.

Top Stage 3 Pack

This would be a good buy for anyone with a lot of instruments you are wanting to display. Breaking down to less than $5 per wall hanger, this is an affordable way to keep your guitars safe. These are great for both home and studio use, no matter your level of skill.

It takes next to no time to install these hangers. Once they are up, you do not have to worry about them coming back down. The padding helps keep your instrument safe from scratches while holding onto it snugly. With included wall anchors, you do not have to worry about your guitar ending up on the ground.

The natural wood finish makes these guitar hangers a nice way to display your guitar collection. Each wall hanger has dimensions of 3 ¾”” X 1 ¾”” X ¾””. You get enough mounting anchors and screws to hang all three wall hangers when you purchase this product.

Buyers Guide

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So now you have your guitar, you have your equipment, you have the music on your mind. Now all you need is somewhere to store your new beauty.

You could lean it up against a wall, or place it in a case and stow it. But why waste such a beautiful piece of art by placing it where it can’t be seen? Treat your guitar like the masterpiece it is, and hang it up on the wall. Just because you’re not playing your guitar doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

Even though the majority of the time your guitar will be in it’s case or not being played. Doesn’t stop you standing back and admiring it. By mounting a guitar hanger on your wall, you can prominently display your baby for all to enjoy. Now there are several different ways to display your guitar using a stand. However today we will be specifically covering different wall mounts and their features.

In this guide we will go over multiple benefits of using a wall hanger for your guitar. We will also detail exactly what to look for when buying one. Finally we will also discuss different styles of guitar hangers. This should help you pick which one could suit your preference. So let’s get right to it.

Please also note; putting in wall mounts can be dangerous and complicated at times. If you are unsure about putting one up alone, don’t chance it. Get a friend to help if you need to put the mount up high, in an area that is harder to reach.

This is also true for if you just don’t know how to put them up period. You don’t want to slip up and have your new guitar come crashing down. Especially because you didn’t have the expertise to install the mount correctly.


Storage and compartment is a big worry for all guitar owners. Your guitar will spend more than half it’s time being unused. While you’re not rocking out on it, you are going to want to put it somewhere safe, but also accessible. So storing it in your closet or under your bed is a little cumbersome if you play often. This is where a wall mount comes in handy. You want to play, grab it right off the mount. No case, no hassle. You want to stop playing, put it back in the mount. Simple, easy, and you don’t have to waste closet or floor space storing it.

Hangers Prevent Damage

Your guitar is going to beaten up. Unless you never play it and it is hanging in a case. There are bound to be scratches, nicks, dents, and cuts throughout its lifespan. But you can help delay these atrocities by ensuring your guitar is in a place where it is less likely to get hit or hurt. Placing it about four to six feet off the ground on your wall is about the safest, most convenient place for it.

Considerations For Buying A Guitar Wall Hanger

Now that we know what a wall mount is, and why they can be important to use. Let’s go through buying or scanning the market for your new guitar hanger.


When you are in the market for a wall mount, the most important thing to consider is the locking mechanism. Since this is the part of the mount that is going to keep your guitar locked into the wall. This is something that you will want to pay extra close attention to. Now of course, the better the lock, the better the mount. The better the mount, the more it will cost.


Cost is a huge factor to those who have already spent a good deal on their guitar recently. So here is what you need to know, you will want a mount that looks nice to you. as you will be seeing it all the time; and you want one that will fit your head stock without too much wiggling.

[quote-box]The cost really shouldn’t range too far if you are looking at similar wall mounts.[/quote-box]

Be aware that a cheap on could cost you more in the long run if it were to give out randomly, or at the slam of a door. Since most mounts are under $30 anyway, it shouldn’t cost you too much to go with the higher priced model. Remember cost needs to be a part of the decision, but try not to rely too heavily on that alone to make your choice.


While this isn’t a huge section, there is a bit of labor involved when putting up a wall mount. You will need a drill, a stud-finder for wall studs (unless you can find them with your knuckles), and most mounts require about three screws. Mounts with two screws tend to be easier on the wall and your drill, and tend to cost a little more as well.


Some mounts look sleek, but can feel a bit rough to the touch. Anything that is too rough for your finger, is too rough for your guitar. Make sure it has a rubberized or silicone feel to ensure your instrument stays nice as long as possible.

What Makes A Good Guitar Wall Hanger

So what exactly makes a guitar wall mount good? There are a few key aspects to consider when answering this question. However, some of this will be slightly subjective. This is because everyone has different needs in their mounts. That said, we will try to cover general aspects and qualities so you can tell the good from the bad.

Live Situations

It’s hard to tell just from looking at an item if it is going to last, or have problems that didn’t come up originally. This is why research is so very important in these matters. Go online, look at reviews/ask about the item. This will not only give you an idea of how many people bought this product and liked it. If there are issues with it lasting longer than a couple of months, then you will know.

[quote-box color=”blue”]There is no substitute for buying, owning, and knowing a product. But this can take time and money that you may not have or want to give up. Especially on an already expensive hobby and it’s accessories.[/quote-box]

Reading testimonials of others can give you a glimpse into the future of you buying this product.


Now the quality of your wall mount is very important. Not only the actual mount itself. The screws and drywall anchors are even more paramount. Especially to the integrity of your mount staying where you want it.

Again, this is a case where you will either know which products are better in terms of the integrity over time. or you can trust what you read and hear from those who have had this product.

It’s never a bad idea to buy your own anchors and screws. With help from the guys at your local hardware or depot store. Those pros could know a little more about this area of expertise anyway.


Because you will be taking the guitar in and out of the wall mount, it is important to know how well the mount will hold up. to wear and tear. Granted, it should take a while for your mount to begin to deteriorate. Although, it’s never a bad plan to learn how long they generally last.


While you may only want to use one guitar per mount. If you are wanting a bit of flexibility, some mount models come with the ability to move them to the shape you need. Since many guitars do not share complete symmetry, their fit into your mount will vary. You want to make sure this is optimized to holding whatever guitar you currently have in it. One size does not fit all in this case, and the effects of thinking that could be catastrophic to your instrument.

Horizontal Guitar Wall Mounts VS Vertical Mounts

Finally we come to the last real decision you will need to make when it comes to your wall mount. Do you want a horizontal or vertical mount? Well let’s take a short look at both types.


Horizontal mounts, also known as an angled mounts, will give your guitar a bit of an edge while they hang. Since they are tilted, the mounts can need an extra piece down near the belly of the instrument to hold it in place. This is fine for those musicians who use their pieces near everyday. For a collector or someone who just doesn’t move or play them that often, it may be better to stick with a vertical mount. This is because long periods of being idle could force extra wear and tear on the piece. Including the guitar indenting where the lower bar holds it.


Vertical mounts are your commonly seen guitar wall mounts. The mount holds the neck of your guitar right below the tuning bars. Leading it to present it’s face value vertically. The is the prominent way guitar stores will store everything but their highest class and priced pieces.

Not only does the guitar look cool, but placing it in a vertical mount is what professionals call “the optimal position”.

[quote-box]This means that no stress is being put on any point of the guitar while it sits.[/quote-box]

This is great for collectors and displays, as the guitar can sit for years without the mount causing harm or damage to the guitar itself.

You might even find yourself considering a guitar stand. Regardless of what option you go for do your research. It will help you make an informed buying decision.

Final Thoughts on Guitar Wall Hangers

While there are a variety of different mount types and brands out there. You will (and your guitar), will thank you for the time and effort you expended in order to make sure it was perfect. It will also save you a ton of time, money, and elbow grease as the normal wear and tear will take longer on wall mounted guitars. There is no replacement for the kind of joy you get when you hang your instrument for the first time.

As an added note, make sure you take consideration of the environment you live in. Apartments with shared walls tend to be a big breaker of wall mounted objects. Know how humidity and sunlight can warp your material, and take precautions before you mount them if needed.

While this guide is comprehensive, no one person has all the answers, so go do some research, find what you need for you. For more information on guitar hangers check this post out.