Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are wooden stringed instruments that make use of magnetic pickups. These are able to pick up vibrations from the strings, convert them to electronic signals which can be outputted through an amplifier. With their appealing aesthetic and awesome sound, it’s clear to see why electric guitars molded many music genres including Blues and Rock & Roll.

The Best Bass Guitars Under $500

If you’re trying to get your hands on the best bass guitar for under $500, you’ll be pleased to know it’s a very feasible ambition. We’ve trawled through the market to make life a little easier for you, and rounded-up what we believe to be four of the best bass guitars under 500 dollars. Best […]

How to clean your guitar featured image.

How To Clean Your Guitar

The most simple way to take care of your guitar is by making sure you keep it clean. This needs do be done on a fairly regular basis, to prevent the built up of dirt on it. This article explains how to clean your guitar to keep it looking new and shiny. Cleaning Your Guitar […]

Best electric guitars under $500 featured image.

The Best Electric Guitars Under $500

Finding the best electric guitar under $500 can be tough. However, it’s definitely possible to get yourself a great guitar for less than 500 dollars. To save you some time and effort we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite guitars within this price range. The Best Electric Guitars Under $500 When looking for guitars […]