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Guitars come in many different variations of style and functionality. On this section of the website we cover all kinds of guitars including electric, bass and acoustic.

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars can be great for playing a variety of genres including jazz, blues, rock and metal. Electric guitars were once deemed relatively unaffordable. This myth is no longer the case, you can easily get your hands on a top quality electric guitar for under 500 bucks. If you’re looking for a more professional standard, it’s likely you’ll end up with an electric guitar for around 1000 dollars. Electric guitars can consist of six, seven or even more strings.

Bass Guitars

Bass guitars have four strings, and again you can easily get your hands on a bass guitar under 500 dollars. Just like electric guitars, they do stretch into the thousands of dollars but these are for professional quality bass guitars.

Acoustic Guitars

Synonymous with group get-togethers around campfires, acoustic guitars are beautiful instruments. We’ve explored a range of acoustics including classical guitars, acoustic guitars under 500, under 1000 as well as acoustic electric guitars under 1000 dollars.

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