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How To Clean Your Guitar

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The most simple way to take care of your guitar is by making sure you keep it clean. This needs do be done on a fairly regular basis, to prevent the built up of dirt on it. This article explains how to clean your guitar to keep it looking new and shiny.

Cleaning Your Guitar

If you’re worried about buying some specialist guitar cleaning kit then fear not. You won’t need to worry about anything fancy. If you’ve got a good dry cloth or a feather duster then you’re set to go.

This is definitely all you would require for dust. After all dust gathers everywhere, from your dining table to your guitar. It’s irritating how quickly it gathers, but the great thing about it is it’s easy to remove. For the simple parts of the guitar just wipe it away with a cloth, for the more tricky to reach spots you can use your duster.

Grime on the other hand is something that’s slightly more difficult to remove sadly. This is because it gets stuck to everything and can be transfered very easily between your fingers and the guitar strings. Natural oils from your fingers actually get transferred to the strings every time you play.

Cleaning the Fretboard

Lets start with the fretboard. This is because it’s one of the most important parts of your guitar to keep clean. After all, along with strings frets are what you need to produce those sweet sounds.

[quote-box color=”red”]Dirt can damage the frets and the fretboard. These are something that are a lot easier to keep clean than they are to replace. Moving along a dirty fretboard is a lot more difficult than using a clean one.[/quote-box]

It doesn’t just damage your fretboard but it also makes it unpleasant to look at. A greasy or grime filled fretboard can damage the aesthetic appeal of your guitar as well as phsycially damage it.

There are a few different ways you can clean the fretboard. This depends on the different materials you have available to you. Some people prefer to take guitar strings off before doing this but it’s a matter of preference.

You can make use of alcohol swabs in order to wipe down the frets. This is recommended if you take the strings of the guitar because it’s a nice easy way to do so. If you’re leaving your strings on the guitar you can use a tooth brush gently.

How to Clean Guitar Strings

If you don’t clean your strings regularly then after some time this will take a toll on your strings. If you’re unlucky this can also transfer on to the fingerboard of your guitar. They will wear out more quickly, and you might find them more difficult to grip. This can affect your playing performance over time.

A simple way to avoid this is by regularly wiping down your guitar strings. You don’t need to do this after every playing session, but by doing it every few you will see a big difference.

It’s quite a simple process, just take your cloth put it over your guitar strings. Then grip the guitar string between your fingers with the cloth on top of it. Then just run your fingers down the entire string, a couple of times. After you’ve completed one string then move on to the next.

[quote-box]Remember keeping your guitar strings clean won’t only help improve the playing quality. It will also prevent them from snapping so soon.[/quote-box]

Cleaning Your Pickups

We can not urge enough how important it is to avoid using liquid on your pickups. They risk serious damage if they get wet so you should definitely avoid doing this.

As we’ve previously mentioned, if you’ve got a duster then this will easily suffice for cleaning these.

How to Clean Other Hardware

Tuners and bridges are another example of something you can keep clean. These won’t exactly affect your playing performance if they’re dirty. However, these will make your guitar looks nice and new.

Again, you don’t need anything specialist to clean these. All you need is a duster to give them a gentle buff. You will be surprised by how affective this technique is.

How to Clean The Guitar Body

A duster should definitely suffice for cleaning the body. This does depend on the material your guitar is made out of though. We don’t recommend polishing your guitar as the results are more for show rather than function. Obviously with the high prices guitars can weald the lest product used on it the better. This is just our option and you may find that you like to keep your guitar polished. It’s really down to personal preference.

Final Thoughts On How To Clean Your Guitar

Cleaning your guitar is definitely something we recommend. It allows your guitar to look nice but also to function well. Also, just like any other valued possession, why wouldn’t you look after it?